Purchase-to-Pay Solutions

We help businesses reduce costs and improve productivity by automating invoice processing and approval. Making staff more productive, and giving you better visibility and control.


  • Are you billing high volumes of customer invoices every month?
  • Could your accounts receivable process be more efficient?
  • Are you matching and coding invoices before manual approval?

We implement solutions designed to make procurement, suppliers and accounts payable work better together. Enabling both teams to pursue more strategic goals and giving you vital control and visibility over the entire process (from requisition through to payment).

We start by listening and understanding your business – your current processes, people, resources, systems and vision. Our consultants will work with you to capture key requirements and integrate with your existing systems to provide the right solution for your needs.


  • Visibility - Get real insights for better decisions.
    Not having the right information at your fingertips is frustrating for finance and procurement professionals. Getting key data in your line of sight will remove the frustrations and wasted time.
  • Control - Improve processes and business relationships.
    Control of your company’s purchasing and accounting processes is vital so that you can free-up valuable time and resource to focus on achieving strategic goals. Ineffective cash control, poor match rates for invoices or too much manual document handling wastes valuable staff time.
  • Cost - Achieve savings, and increase bottom line.
    While we all strive for business growth, we know that savings can make all the difference to ongoing success. Whether your saving goals will come from supplier rationalisation, renegotiating contracts or from operational efficiencies, you will find that the visibility gained from Purchase-to-Pay automation can help you achieve your savings goals across the board.
  • Security & Compliance - Reduce risk and unnecessary disruption
    Your organisation is legally required to present accurate and legally complying transactions, so automating your procedures to minimise errors and maximise compliance is the best way forward. Fraud risk is also increased in the purchase-to-pay cycle, since this is where the money flows. If you do not have automated checks and balances, you are increasing your organisation’s exposure to fraud.

Invoice Capture

Easily capture and store all paper, PDF, and electronic invoices in one place. Converting information into an electronic format dramatically speeds up the time in which it can be processed as well as reducing the risk of human error.


Automate invoice exception handling and produce up to 80% clean, straight-through processing of supplier invoices. Exceptions and duplicate invoices are also flagged ensuring that duplicate payments do not occur.

Invoice Workflow

Invoice approval workflows ensure that clean invoices are processed according to your organisation’s pre-configured approval matrix and hierarchy. Exception invoices are automatically sent to authorised personnel for verification.

Matching & Approval

Our Procure-to-Pay module integrates seamlessly with all major database, finance and ERP systems. The benefits of ERP integration are increased processing speed, full visibility, and the provision of accurate data for better reporting and decision-making.

Specialists in Digital Solutions

Our Business Consultants are experts in helping our customers reduce costs, minimise risk and automate manual business process.

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