Our leadership team are proud to be part of building our collaborative Azets culture

Drawing on their broad industry experience, they collaborate with our teams to create innovative services to help our clients achieve their ambitions. They recognise that time is a scare commodity, ensuring that investment in all our services will drive our vision - to be more effective, smarter and more personal everyday. The result - giving our clients back their precious time to focus on what they do best.

Our leaders and what our culture and values mean to them

Chris Horne, CEO Image

Chris Horne, CEO

We take time to educate, support and develop our people, who in turn provide clever, commercially focussed advice and access to their connections to help our clients and their businesses succeed, who pay the going rate for great advice. Repeat.

Get to know us Image

Get to know us

With over 6,500 partners and specialists across our office network, we help people and organisations of all shapes and sizes save their time, work smart and achieve their goals. Our job is to give you the support you need so you can focus on what you do best.

Our people
Vidar Bekken, CTO Image

Vidar Bekken, CTO

To me being dynamic means having the ability to change quickly and adapt to new possibilities and client needs. This, in turn, helps to create a business culture that is sustenance over time.

Steve Sharp, COO Image

Steve Sharp, COO

I have really enjoyed getting to know our business and people and everywhere I have been I see examples of excellence in process, client services, IT, communications and employee engagement. Collaboration across our geographies adds significant benefits and we have so much we can look forward to achieving.

Dawn Marriott, Non-Executive Director Image

Dawn Marriott, Non-Executive Director

I’m incredibly proud to be part of Azets. We are passionate about making a difference to our clients to help them achieve their ambitions. At our heart we are a people business; hiring, developing and retaining people with a collaborative and engaging mindsight who live our values. Our culture is incredibly special, I would love to tell you why….

Caroline Hutchins, CPO Image

Caroline Hutchins, CPO

Our people and our values sit at the heart of every decision we take. We strive to create an environment where people are encouraged to be themselves. Working towards a common purpose and supporting each other, to deliver a level of service built on achieving together. Recognising that as the needs of our clients and customers change, we’ll work tirelessly to evolve and change too.

David Owens, CEO South West England and Wales  Image

David Owens, CEO South West England and Wales

For me, culture has always been about our people and I have been privileged to work with so many great folk – caring, compassionate, high performers, talent – change makers. Putting our soul and spirit into what we do, and accepting the responsibility for making a positive difference to our workplace, seizing the day, every day.

Alina Burja, MD Romania Image

Alina Burja, MD Romania

I strongly believe in a culture that values dynamic people who are not afraid to inspire change and to grow competence and trust around them.

Nimesh Shah, CEO Blick Rothenberg Image

Nimesh Shah, CEO Blick Rothenberg

An important part of my role is supporting all of our people, to give everyone the best possible platform to serve their clients and develop new business opportunities in the most effective way. By working together as one team, we can always achieve more than individuals, and it’s absolutely vital that I draw upon all the experience around me to drive the firm forwards.

June Mejlgaard Jensen, MD Denmark & Sweden Image

June Mejlgaard Jensen, MD Denmark & Sweden

To me being authentic means everything for building a great culture and a good day to day work with both employees and all our fantastic customers. To me building a great culture means having respectful behaviour for every single employee and customer.

 William Payne, CEO South East England Image

William Payne, CEO South East England

I am really fortunate to work with a variety of teams across our business who are top of their game. Highly skilled industry experts, bringing years of experience to Azets. Our people are the heart of who we are and what we strive for and that’s what makes us stand out.

Rune Norbakk, MD Norway Image

Rune Norbakk, MD Norway

To me building a great culture means to be respectful to colleagues and to our customers, and to collaborate well within the organisation and thereby give the customer the best service that the whole of Azets can offer.

Paul Clifford, CEO Midlands and North Wales Image

Paul Clifford, CEO Midlands and North Wales

Having a dynamic team of individuals working collaboratively towards a shared vision is what really excites me about our business and what we can achieve. The modern business world is changing fast with technological advancements, new business methods and different client challenges, and I know our values will empower our team to positively use these changes to offer our clients an experience to be proud of.

Peter Gallanagh, Regional CEO - Scotland and the North Image

Peter Gallanagh, Regional CEO - Scotland and the North

Success for our clients is central to our success. We do this through an inquisitive, dedicated and highly talented team, providing them with the platform and opportunities to continue to develop their skills. In return, we are all fairly rewarded for our efforts. Our common cause is for happy staff, delivering quality solutions to happy clients, who are happy to pay us the going rate for our services.

Ulla Nikkanen, MD Finland Image

Ulla Nikkanen, MD Finland

Being dynamic is essential in this business. We want to constantly develop our services and find new ways to utilize technology for the benefit of our clients.

Neil McManus, Head of M&A Image

Neil McManus, Head of M&A

It’s my job to find and acquire great businesses that will add to our unique proposition. That might be to extend our geographical reach, to add to our service offering or to add to our technological capability. One thing they will have in common is great people and a great culture, because without the right people and culture a business cannot be great.

Ian Smart, Non-Executive Director Image

Ian Smart, Non-Executive Director

The culture that we are choosing to build here is founded on how we treat each other; that is why being respectful is such an important value – by genuinely wanting each and every one of us to have a key role, we can learn to trust one another and share in our challenges and successes together.

Aase Aamdal Lundgaard, Non-Executive Director Image

Aase Aamdal Lundgaard, Non-Executive Director

I am really excited about the opportunity to become part of the Azets team. High quality accounting, tax, audit, advisory and business services are essential to build a sustainable business environment for the future. To be able to impact the way forward to fulfil Azets mission really inspires me.


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