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Azets’ Global Expansion Service gives you access to the resources and expertise you need to help your expansion plans run smoothly. Our experienced team will give you expert advice in all aspects of expanding your business overseas – including strategy, business model and structure, accounting, taxation, and group issues such as transfer pricing.

Before the move, we’ll help you assess your business’s structure, staff, finances, IT, and operations to identify any potential challenges or opportunities to reorganise. We’ll then help you formulate a plan that will outline realistic targets and timeframes for achieving a move into a new foreign market.

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Start bringing your international expansion plans to life

Expanding internationally can reap significant rewards in terms of business growth, but to make the most of the opportunity you may need to overcome some big challenges. Having expert support and insight can considerably improve your chances of expansion success.

Azets is a member of Allinial Global (Allinial), an international accounting firm association, which gives us access to accounting, taxation, and business professionals internationally. As a member of Allinial, we have close affiliations and experience of working with advisers in every major jurisdiction around the world.

Through our membership of Allinial, we can provide you with the support you need to take your cross-border deal from due diligence and strategy, through tax structuring and any necessary fundraising, to the best possible result. Azets UK also has close links with Azets firms based in the Nordic region, including Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

At every stage of your international expansion, our experienced team will provide expert, trusted guidance and support, enhanced by input from our powerful international association and in-country teams.

Our team has the experience and expertise to help you stay compliant, forestall any likely issues, create a robust strategic plan, and ultimately thrive in any market you choose.

Expert support and insight to considerably increase your chances of success

Whatever your international expansion strategy might be, whether you’re setting up a global sales team, launching a foreign branch, acquiring an existing overseas business, or starting to sell abroad via the internet for the first time, navigating the regulations, laws and tax requirements of your new market can be time-consuming and complex. We can help you understand the local market, navigate local taxes and compliance issues, ensuring you have all the information to give you the best competitive advantage possible.

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We’re here to save you time and make expanding your business overseas easy

Our service is to assist UK businesses which are expanding their presence and activity outside of the UK market, perhaps for the first time.

We’ll hold your hand through the process of moving into a new market, both in terms of the UK complexities, and putting you in touch and co-ordinating with local advisers if required. Delivering trusted advice at all stages, we can support you in a full range of commercial and operational matters including compliance, tax, VAT and due diligence.

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We’ve helped many businesses expand overseas

With a regular flow of enquiries and referrals, we are experienced in dealing with businesses looking to expand overseas across a range of sectors. We’re here to help you expand your business overseas, whether your plans include:

  • taking the fundamental step of establishing a physical presence in another market or jurisdiction
  • hiring staff locally, sending UK staff overseas, and/or taking physical office or warehouse space
  • shipping products overseas to sell through local sales or distribution agents.

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