Our specialist R&D tax team can help you identify whether you’re eligible and support you with submitting a claim. 

No matter the size or stage of your business, our team of dedicated and experienced R&D tax credit experts is here to assist you in identifying the areas where you can benefit from the R&D tax incentive scheme. We will provide you with expert advice on how to make your claims and guide you through the filing process with HMRC.


What is R&D tax relief and who qualifies?

The R&D tax relief scheme was created to fuel innovation in the UK and provide compensation to limited companies engaged in research and development. Currently, the scheme is categorised into two brackets:

  • the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) scheme
  • one for large companies, the Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) scheme

Broadly, to qualify for an R&D tax credits claim, a company’s project must seek to achieve an advancement in science or technology. The project should address an area of scientific or technological uncertainty and be innovative. 

A company can then claim enhanced corporation tax deductions against its taxable profits for the expenditure that qualifies.

Benefits of applying for R&D tax relief

  • Aids cashflow
  • Allows for further investment into your business
  • Allows for investment in your staff
  • Opens opportunities for other business decisions otherwise out of reach
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Assistance with your claim

We will assist you in preparing a comprehensive technical and financial analysis of the claim, in full compliance with HMRC’s latest disclosure requirements.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with expert tax planning advice to optimise the impact of your claim. Once your claim is filed, we will personally oversee its processing by HMRC, ensuring that your refund is promptly delivered to you.

Should HMRC decide to review your claim, we will handle all elements of the enquiry process on your behalf, guiding you every step of the way until a conclusion is reached.

We have a wealth of experience of making R&D tax relief claims in a wide range of sectors, and can make the process as quick and efficient as possible for you. We take time to understand your business, and can quickly identify projects with potential R&D tax relief claims, and manage the claim process on your behalf.


Get in touch with one of our R&D tax specialists today for a discussion on your circumstances and how we can help.

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The R&D tax credits eligibility criteria

If you have a problem and use some element of science or technology to try to fix it, then you might have the potential for a claim.

Depending on your company's accounting period, you must make a claim within two years of incurring the eligible expenditure.

Below are examples of costs that may qualify for R&D relief:

Staffing costs and agency workers

For time spent directly and indirectly on R&D projects

Consumable items

Including power and water costs, software used for R&D activities

Payments to sub-contractors

For certain qualifying activities

Prototype costs

For developing new products

Helping your business meet the qualifying criteria

We successfully help businesses claim for R&D tax relief that are:

  • investing in projects, products or processes that result in improvements
  • developing a new product/service or enhancing existing products or processes
  • investing in a product or service to make it more efficient, cheaper, or more sustainable
  • undertaking activities that are central to the business or making an investment in back-office operations
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A word from our client

Quote Icon I am grateful to the experienced team at Azets for supporting Incredible Husk through the R&D tax credit process and general business advisory services. The subject matter expert team of technologists and tax specialists lead by Stuart Bentley delivered a thorough, professional, and speedy service, with clear communication throughout. As a first-time claimant, the complexities appeared daunting, but the knowledgeable team supported us through both the technology and financials, and we are delighted with the high-quality result. I would undoubtedly recommend Azets to other businesses looking for outstanding R&D tax credit claim service. The tax benefit we received has been invaluable and has helped us continue innovative work in our field.

Keith Ridgeway, CEO - Incredible Husk International Group

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At Azets, our specialist trusted business advisors are on hand to offer R&D tax relief advice and have a wealth of experience in making R&D claims in a wide range of industries and sectors. Get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss your R&D relief.


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