Tax Investigations Services

Our experts, some of whom are former employees of HMRC  use their experience of HMRC’s latest guidance and legislations to keep any investigation to a minimum disruption level to you and your business and will work hard to get the best possible outcome for you.

We deal with and offer help with all types of tax enquiries and disclosures from HMRC, including : 

  • individual and small business compliance teams into SMEs 
  • wealthy and mid-sized business compliance teams into high net worth individuals and owner managed businesses 
  • large business team into large and complex businesses  
  • “Cross Taxes team” who undertake wide ranging enquiries (covering direct and indirect tax) into owner managed businesses and their owners 
  • enquiries relating to offshore assets and income
  • Fraud Investigation Service team
  • Counter-Avoidance teams into perceived marketed tax avoidance schemes and includes Follower Notices, Accelerated Payment Notices and Partner Payment Notices
  • national campaigns encouraging proactive tax disclosure action and can be referred to as “Nudge” letters. These sometimes target particular sectors or individuals based on data harvesting information
  • voluntary disclosures

Most of our clients have no experience of tax disputes, so our priority is to give you practical advice that helps you deal quickly and successfully with any eventuality, and to support you closely throughout the process. 

We also advise clients wishing to review their affairs proactively and better manage their tax risk before a problem occurs. 

We can support with: 

Get in touch with one of our tax investigations experts today for a free, confidential consultation. 

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Tax enquiries and disclosures

Going through a tax enquiry or understanding the latest policies and procedures of making disclosures can be stressful, costly, lengthy and disruptive.

Tax enquiries are also on the rise. Under pressure to increase its tax take, HMRC has intensified its focus on business owners when raising disputes. If HMRC notifies you about a tax enquiry or investigation, it is essential that you know your rights. 

We can help if you are already under investigation, have received a letter from HMRC advising they intend to investigate you or your business, or you have received a nudge letter. If you are seeking assistance in making a disclosure, get in touch today  

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Offshore Assets and Income

HMRC is interested in those with a connection or interest to an offshore asset, trust or LLP. 

Over the years, HMRC has operated a number of disclosure facilities with the aim of allowing people to disclose any tax errors, which have arisen from offshore assets and entities, regardless of whether the arrangements were set up to avoid or evade tax.  

While HMRC takes a hard line on undeclared income from outside the UK, making a voluntary disclosure can still reduce the penalty. 

View more information here. 

Our Tax Investigation and Dispute Resolution Team has extensive experience to assist you. 

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Tax Investigation Insurance

With the number of tax investigations launched by HMRC increasing each year, and with any taxpayer or business at risk of a review, it makes sense to protect yourself now. 

Our fee protection service has been designed to insure you against the cost and worry of a potential, future tax enquiry from HMRC. You cannot choose to ignore or do nothing if faced with a tax enquiry and disputes can take months or sometimes years to resolve. It is therefore important to safeguard your interests against any unforeseen disputes, which could leading to unbudgeted, spiralling costs.

Our Tax Investigation Protection Service covers all of the following: 

  • Full enquiries
  • Aspect enquiries
  • Business inspection notices
  • VAT
  • IR35 disputes

We also use our knowledge and experience to assist with the implementation of Corporate Criminal Offence (CCO) legislation 

Get in touch with one of our tax investigations experts today for a free, confidential consultation. 

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