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Technical Accounting services we offer include:

  • Understanding the accounting requirements – we explain the rules you have to comply with in layman’s terms and make relevant to your situation. We can also assist you in getting ready for upcoming accounting standard changes. Using our expertise we can help you to tackle the trickier audit questions, through technical paper support, support for specific accounting transactions, right the way up to a fully outsourced statutory service.
  • Valuations for reporting and auditing purposes - Whether you have share options, financial instruments or a recently acquired business, we can provide the valuation and disclosure you need for your financial statements. 
  • Providing support for your financial reporting requirements – we can work alongside your team to draft high quality financial statements, or alternatively we can take them off your hands – we flex our approach to what you need.
  • GAAP conversions – typically UK GAAP to IFRS conversions, we can either work alongside your team and assist with IFRS impacts relevant to you or we can manage the full conversion project. 
  • Accounting support through a listing process – we can assist with the financial requirements as part of a initial public offering admission document.

We delve into the finer detail whilst understanding the commercial driver of transactions. By doing this, we can help you achieve technical compliance, adapt to evolving audit reporting needs and implement effective accounting solutions.

The people we recruit are not only the most highly qualified, they’re also the most flexible and committed. These being key attributes that were recognised in the team winning “Team of the Year 2022” at the Yorkshire Accountancy Awards. So, whether you’re looking to outsource an area of statutory reporting or wanting to get a complex valuation for accounting purposes you can rest assured you’re getting the best team on the job.

Our Award Winning Technical Accounting Team

Our technical accounting experts have extensive knowledge across all complex areas of accounting and
company law, under UK and International Accounting Standards. We prepare detailed reports to document our analysis, interpretations and conclusions, whilst tailoring them towards your needs. We create bespoke solutions and pricing plans to help you effectively manage costs.

Download the full Technical Accounting brochure to find out more.

Our Award Winning Technical Accounting Team Image

Accounting Advisory

In a tough landscape with constantly changing regulatory requirements, getting the right technical accounting advice can give you peace of mind.  With our team by your side you can make sense of complex requirements, explain their impact to your stakeholders and gain insights to boost your financial performance.

Whether you are a growing business, a large corporate group or a listed business, dealing with complex, one-off transactions can be stressful, especially if those transactions are subject to auditor scrutiny or technical challenge.  We remove that headache for you with tailored advice that delivers resolution and clarity. 

You may need to change the GAAP you report under in anticipation of, or following a transaction. We make that process simple and seamless by identifying where there are differences, calculating the impact, providing journals and helping with disclosure.

Accounting isn’t always black and white. Where there is more than one option or estimates and judgements are required, we can help act as a sounding board to get to a position that works for you and/or your auditors.

Group and intercompany accounts grow and often become more complicated then they need to be. Over time, trade can be transferred between entities causing legacy allocation issues and potentially dividends blocks under company law. Working alongside our tax and restructuring team, we can use our expertise and fresh perspective to simplify them, making them cheaper and easier to manage. 

These can bring a lot of change to your business and demand rigorous reporting around the transactions themselves. We can identify the level of accounting and reporting you need, carry it out for you and oversee the full disclosure process to outline the impact to your key stakeholders. 

Accounting Valuations

Independent accounting valuations are increasingly required by auditors to record transactions in financial statements.  Our highly experienced and well-regarded team can be by your side throughout the process to help you through any auditor challenge.

Whether you have share options, financial instruments or a recently acquired business, we can provide the valuation and disclosure you need for your financial statements. We can also deal directly with your auditors – giving you the confidence that everything is being expertly handled and will be fully compliant.

Share schemes, including sweet equity, usually offer employees shares at a discount or assign value beyond a certain hurdle, which needs to be accounted for as remuneration using option pricing models. We can perform the valuation and help work out the associated share based payment charges for accounting purposes as well as providing the disclosures you need.

Forward contracts, interest rate swaps and warrants all need an accounting valuation. We can calculate the valuation, help you consider hedge accounting and draft your disclosures to give you peace of mind that you’ve met all your reporting requirements. 

Business acquisitions usually incorporate intangible assets that require valuation, as well as wider considerations of other fair value adjustments and acquisition accounting challenges. We can help you to both identify and value the intangible assets in the purchase price allocation, summarise our approach and workings in clear reports that help with any audit process, and provide clear accounting analysis and instructions for recognition in your accounts.

Accounting Compliance

Preparing accounts is time consuming, with new requirements each year. We can remove that pain for you with high quality, fully compliant, audit ready financial statements.        

Whether you are a growing business, large corporate group, or listed business, preparing financial statements can divert valuable time away from day-to-day operations. Let our expert team take your accounting requirements off your ‘to do’ list so that you can focus your efforts where they’ll make a real difference.

We can prepare IFRS, FRS 101 and FRS 102 company accounts from your trial balance and always use the latest templates so that you can have complete confidence that all your disclosure requirements will be fully met, as well as having clear reporting packs to help you through the audit process.

Whether you have one or 100 subsidiaries, consolidations can be complex and time consuming. We can remove the headache for you by overseeing the whole consolidation process from start to finish, or by reviewing what you have prepared and populating consolidated accounts. Our approach to is flexible and tailored to meet your needs.  

Where auditors require changes to disclosures, or are seeking additional information, we can manage the necessary accounts process from start to finish, including processing all adjustments. 

Whether you’re seeking to ensure standard compliance or wanting to put in place a best practice framework, we can work alongside your team to create the right blend of compliant disclosures for your business. 

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Support

Taking your business through a listing process is potentially the most complex and time-consuming process you will go through. We can support you every step of the way to make your ‘to do’ list achievable and the whole process smooth and hassle free.  

Whether you are a rapidly growing business or an established group looking to list, the process is notoriously resource heavy and time pressured. Acting as a trusted extension of your team we will be by your side to share the strain and provide expert advice and insight throughout.  

Whether listing on AIM or the Main Market, you will need a three-year track record under IFRS accounting standards. We offer flexible support to help you meet these requirements – either sense checking and proofing your records alongside your finance team or providing a trusted outsourced solution. 

As part of your listing documentation you will need to provide a fully compliant HFI document. Our experienced team can prepare this for you – giving you one less thing to do and complete confidence in the data you’re providing. This also ensures that your first-time preparation of more unusual disclosures is thoroughly understood, with consideration of technical points and wider impacts from any adjustments processed.

We also link into other teams, such as tax, to support with restructuring (for example to add a Plc to the Group) and post admission remunerations strategies. 

Your working capital model will need to be integrated and able to run sensitivities, ideally at the push of a button. We can work with your team to help get your model fit for purpose, with models built around your company’s requirements and scaled to be as simple or as complex as needed.

Our Client Success Stories

Azets supports Aurrigo with flotation on the AIM market Image

Azets supports Aurrigo with flotation on the AIM market

Azets has supported Aurrigo International Plc, an autonomous technology specialist which works with the automotive, aviation and transport industries, on its recent flotation.

Northcoders focused on growth with support from Azets Image

Northcoders focused on growth with support from Azets

Northcoders, headquartered in Manchester, is an independent provider of training programmes for software coding.

Azets support AMTE Power Plc with statutory reporting following AIM market flotation  Image

Azets support AMTE Power Plc with statutory reporting following AIM market flotation

AMTE Power Plc (“AMTE”) is a leading battery cell manufacturer and one of the only companies making them in the UK today.

Kwik Fit – on the growth journey with Azets Technical Accounting Team Image

Kwik Fit – on the growth journey with Azets Technical Accounting Team

European Tyre Enterprise Limited (ETEL) is an international tyre and automotive service, maintenance and repair business group with annual sales revenues of more than £1 billion across five countries in Europe.



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