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Organisations are using smart tech to both create new services and deliver existing products and services in new ways. But technology is also changing how we do business. Companies are automating fast, introducing more agile processes, shifting working patterns, and planning how to reskill their people for unknown future jobs.

The risks are proliferating too, with increased data sharing with third parties, new regulations such as GDPR, more staff working from home and the continually evolving threat of cyber-attack.

It's the job of our specialist technology consulting team to help you navigate these challenges. Whether you need advice on your key technology and digital risks, an in-depth assessment of your cyber security, a review of your compliance with GDPR or an assessment of your programme delivery maturity, we have the skills and experience to deliver creative solutions as well as peace of mind.

Quote Icon Our job is to help you navigate the challenges of running an organisation increasingly dependent on technology. Whether you need advice on technology and digital risks, IT audit services, an assessment of your cyber security, a review of your compliance with GDPR or an assessment of your programme delivery maturity, we have the skills and experience to deliver creative solutions as well as peace of mind.

Gary Devlin, Partner

Our in-house data analytics capability allows us to underpin all our services with rigorous data, as well as offer data analytics services directly to our clients. Our experienced staff work closely with business leaders and technology professionals to ensure they always have the right skills and insights to manage whatever challenges the digital business environment throws at them next.

And in addition to our advisory services, we offer clients the opportunity to outsource specialist roles and skillsets to our team on an ongoing basis. These specialisms include:

  • DPO (Data Protection Officer)
  • CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
  • Head of IT Audit services
  • Data Dashboarding and MI

Investment in technology can be expensive, risky and disruptive. It's also incredibly important.

Our dedicated technology consulting team understand just how crucial it is that you get the best value from your tech and digital investments. That’s why we offer:

  • IT audits: working with in-house teams or as part of a broader outsourced model, we support you to deliver an internal audit plan that addresses your organisation’s technology risks.
  • IT governance and IT effectiveness assessments: our reports benchmark the maturity of your IT governance and processes against leading practices and frameworks such as COBIT and ITIL.
  • IT risk assessments: working with in-house leadership to understand and articulate organisations’ IT risks and develop risk management plans.
  • Organisation-wide digital maturity assessment: using our seven-part Digital Maturity Index, we help you to understand your readiness for digital transformation and focus your efforts in the right areas.
  • Supplier assessments: we deliver a comprehensive review of your IT and security controls operated by third parties, including cloud service providers.
  • Major project and programme delivery assurance: providing independent assurance over your projects, we cover point-in-time health checks, delivery and governance reviews, reviews of “agile” delivery approaches, gateway reviews and ongoing “critical friend” support and guidance.

Data is the language of the twenty-first century. We help you stay fluent.

Nowadays virtually every business holds a huge volume of data on their operations, offerings, people and customers. Our technology consulting team can help you get meaningful insight and value from your data by:

  • Identifying trends, patterns and high-risk issues to help inform your decision-making.
  • Extracting data on process performance so you understand what to improve and how.
  • Providing both executive and practitioner level training in harnessing data to improve profits, efficiency and strategy.

Technology is the new frontline of business security. And the risks are evolving all the time.

Our technology consulting team help protect businesses from the financial loss, reputational damage, legal consequences and regulatory action that can result from insufficient or outdated cyber security. Our specialists can support you with:

  • Cyber security control reviews, cross-organisational cyber security controls, third party / supply chain assessments, health checks, assessments against standards and action planning.
  • Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO), and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services.
  • Bespoke training packages in cyber security and data protection, from board level to wider staff awareness.
  • Data Protection focusing on compliance with GDPR including, process control reviews, health checks, policy review and guidance.

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