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    26 Apr 2024
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Utilising payroll data to inform business decisions

The term ‘payroll data’ encompasses various metrics such as employee salaries, sick leave records, benefits and employee demographics. By effectively analysing these metrics and taking corresponding action on the insight they provide, you can improve your business processes, boost efficiency and staff morale.

Here, we explore how valuable payroll data can be.


Managing cashflow & budgets

Payroll data provides information on exactly how much you spend on salaries, overtime pay, benefits and bonuses, allowing you to better understand one of your most significant business expenses.

By understanding this outlay and forecasting future costs, you can allocate the appropriate resources to help you navigate potential cashflow obstacles and assist you in being best prepared for any opportunities.

Additionally, analysing payroll data can reveal insights into different areas of your business, further assisting with the budget allocation process. For example, a growing department may want to recruit more employees to deal with the additional workload. By utilising payroll data such as average salary and average overtime worked, the cost implications of the expansion will become clearer, facilitating an informed decision-making process.


Highlight trends and inconsistencies

Informed decision-making requires not only data but data that has been analysed and interpreted to generate useful business insights. Fully understanding the details behind your payroll processing allows for trends and connections to be unveiled, shedding light on aspects of your business that may have gone unnoticed.

For instance, comparing overtime data against productivity levels can reveal if employees feel overworked or disengaged. Similarly, discrepancies in sick leave, punctuality, or absenteeism may indicate broader issues such as low morale.


Maintaining a positive employee experience

Payroll data offers insight into your overall employee experience and helps you make crucial business decisions in areas such as compensation, training and recruitment. High staff turnover, for example, could be a potential red flag, however, it’s important to use the data to investigate the underlying causes. Addressing causes is imperative, as continuing high turnover will prove costly, especially if extensive training is involved.

Detailed payroll data can help you perform a cost/benefit analysis to determine if it’s worth spending more in other areas to increase employee retention. You can also use payroll data to benchmark against competitors which in turn will help you establish if your employees are being compensated below or above the industry standard. Appropriate employee compensation will help ensure your workers feel valued.


The role of cloud software

Leveraging cloud technology to streamline your payroll process can reduce error, improve security and help you stay compliant. However, in the context of data, it can provide you with rich, reliable information virtually instantaneously.

It allows you to access up-to-date payroll data from multiple devices at the push of a button, meaning your business data can be viewed and analysed quicker, giving you the knowledge you need to make informed, proactive decisions.  


Making the most of your data

Overall, making use of accurate payroll data can help your business in several different areas and provide insight that may not have been as visible on the surface. While analysing your business’ payroll information can be hugely valuable, it’s a task that requires careful management and significant time investment. As a result, it can put a strain on a stretched resource.

A specialist payroll provider will be able to assist on this front and help you make conclusions from your monthly payroll outlay.


We are here to help

At Azets, our dedicated payroll team processes over £1bn in salary payments to over 7,000 clients every month and can offer you support with a full range of payroll services, including comprehensive payroll processing, timely and accurate payments to employees and pension scheme support. Additionally, we use cutting-edge payroll software, including our fully secure cloud portal, which can facilitate instant transfer of payroll data, comprehensive reports and epayslips for employees.

Switching to Azets provides you with expert payroll services but can also provide an easy introduction and access to our full network of specialist advisors spanning key business areas such as tax, employer solutions, employee benefits, HR consultancy and general advisory should you need these services in the future. 

To find out more about the benefits of outsourcing your payroll processes, get in touch with a member of our specialist payroll team or get in touch with your usual Azets advisor.

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