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Our Document Management solution provides our customers with highly secure off-site storage, prompt couriered return of urgently needed documents or, better yet, a scanned copy returned via our secure platform. Let ADS support you on your digital journey whilst ensuring comprehensive management of your physical records.

Physical Files and media take up valuable office space, not forgetting that any important physical company information isn’t backed up. In the event of a disaster company information is susceptible to fire/flood/theft! Storing your physical assets in a highly secure off-site Records Management (RM) facility reduces office costs or increases the available space to expand your business.

ADS partner RM Facilities are all….

  • Humidity controlled
  • Fully alarmed, CCTV monitored
  • Accessed via a swipe card
  • Fire protection of Inergen gas systems
  • On-site scanning facilities to enable quick, secure document return

ADS can be integral to your physical and digital document challenges and needs.

Gain Visibility

Log, Track and Audit your physical records

Quick Access

Documents can be scanned instantly and securely returned

Manage Retention

Manage complex retention on company documents

Audit & Compliance

Meets all your Compliance and Security requirements

Dedicated document storage

  • Each client is allocated a dedicated document storage bay. This is the permanent location, even if items are retrieved, they will always be returned to the original location, thus minimizing the risk of lost or misplaced items. This system differentiates us from many other service providers who operate a ‘random storage’ system.
  •  Document collections, retrievals, and deliveries can all be managed via our secure online file storage.
Dedicated document storage Image

Track and trace deliveries and storage

  • All deliveries & collections are performed using our dedicated fleet of, tracked vehicles and uniformed drivers. All items are scanned and tracked at every stage of the process using mobile scanners for full traceability and complete chain of custody audit.
  • If you require immediate access to documents, they can be scanned back to you, wherever you are in the world, within 3 hours.
  • Active storage for documents that are in demand. Long term storage for inactive documents.
Track and trace deliveries and storage Image

A Fully End to End Solution:

ADS has been servicing large blue clients within the document capture space for 30 years. We have been in partnership with Hills Storage for over 5 years providing our clients, including Azets, with fully joined up digital and physical document management solutions.

FileTrack, an intuitive system that brings the necessary flexibility to grow along with your records and information policies and ensure that an accurate audit trail is maintained throughout the life-cycle of a record. FileTrack allows businesses to work seamlessly with digital and physical documents/records.

A Fully End to End Solution: Image

How Azets can help with your Record Management

Document storage processes vary from client to client and our expert team will work with you to provide the best possible records management solution, tailored to your individual requirements.

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