All-in-one flexible and efficient invoice billing and payment service platform

Our powerful billing and payment platform is a flexible and dynamic solution that can deliver transformational benefits across a variety of business challenges using your existing finance and client management systems. It is built for growth and digital transformation, streamlining your AR process to improve internal control and reduce costs while also reducing friction in the customer journey.

Benefits of Automated Invoice processing

  • Self-service portal - Gives you full control of document and invoice production, data validation, surveillance, statistics and tracking — all in real-time
  • Integration - API allows integration into existing CRM
  • Payment Gateway - The solution can be fully integrated with direct debit, card and modules for recurring payments or instalments.
  • Customer satisfaction - Reduce churn through an improved customer journey and automatic digital payments 
  • Debt Collection - Effective and automated collection of debtors, through digital and analogue channels.
  • Reduced cost - Through digitisation and optimising payment success versus unit cost

Accounts Receivable Automation

Distributing, managing and chasing accounts receivable can be a costly and time-consuming process. Azets multi-channel distribution platform automates the complete process with a single transaction charge, automating outbound document fullfilment and payment processes. 

Get in touch today to discuss your accounts receivable automation requirements to see just how our solutions can transform your business.

Accounts Receivable Automation Image

Improve customer experience

Provide preferred payment channels for quick and easy payment

Extensive integration

Can be used in combination with your existing accounting, billing and ERP systems

One-stop shop

Multi-channel billing, statement, letter and payment collection through one platform

Debt collection

Effective and automated collection of debtors through digital and analogue channels

Digital Transformation

Transforming the customer payment experience by reaching customers on their preferred channels and devices and providing a smooth payment setup minimizes the friction of paying bills, reducing churn, and leading to an increased amount of payments being completed on time and improved cash flow.

Azets provides a strong, efficient and flexible platform that optimises your CRM and finance billing workflow producing benefits seen throughout the entire business. Supplied as software as a service to our clients this connects your existing systems to multi-channel distribution and payment service channels. Reducing costs, improving the customer journey and giving you access to real-time data.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel self-service document, invoice and statement automation give you full control of your Order 2 Cash cycle with data validation, compliance, statistics and tracking
  • Suitable for every industry, and every price model
  • Can be used in combination with your existing accounting and ERP systems
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Switching to Azets

Azets provide modular solutions that work with and enhance your existing finance and admin systems. Our team will manage the whole process: Starting with a discovery workshop to identify any issues, through to recommending and delivering best of breed digital solutions to improve, automate and maximise efficiencies in your business. 

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