Advancements in invoice processing have often originated from the Nordics, due to the high labour costs. It was the Nordics that first started to develop and use Accounts Payable workflow solutions so it was no suprise that they would also be first to adopt e-Invoicing.

The PEPPOL e-Invoicing platform was designed for the public sector and providers to the public sector but has already exceeded its original remit by both being used outside the public sector and outside of Europe. With Azets being a major accountancy consultancy firm ADS was an early adopter of PEPPOL, registering its own access point and developed its own platform.

We currently have 3,500 clients using our PEPPOL ‘Access Point’. This means we have a vast amount of experience in advising and implementing this for clients.

There are many benefits to using PEPPOL, including:

  • Increased efficiency: PEPPOL can help you save time and money by automating the procurement process.
  • Improved accuracy: PEPPOL can help you reduce errors by providing a standardized format for documents.
  • Enhanced security: PEPPOL uses a secure messaging system to protect your data.
  • Increased compliance: PEPPOL can help you comply with government regulations.
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The PEPPOL Network

The PEPPOL network enables businesses to send and receive electronic documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, and other business documents, with any trading partners that are also on the PEPPOL network, using a standard document format that will make it much easier to complete electronic transactions between organisations from any sector or country.

As a direct Access Point service provider ADS will enable you through our platform to send and receive data through the PEPPOL network. Plus our experts can advise on ways to fully integrate with your existing AP/Accounting systems.

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Reduce data entry

Significantly reduce the time and resources required for manual tasks.

Improve cashflow

Improve cashflow by reducing the time it takes to process and pay invoices.

Reduce errors

Using a standardized format PEPPOL can help to reduce errors and disputes.

Customer service

Improve customer service by getting important information to your clients much faster.

Features that set us apart

PEPPOL is a set of specifications used to establish a common framework for electronic procurement across different jurisdictions. We decided to ask our clients what we could provide that would add extra benefits to our service for them and as a result we have developed several modules that are briefly outlined below;

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PEPPOL Importer

Convert emails, PDFs and OCR data from scanned images into the PEPPOL format for easy integration with your existing ERP and accounting systems.

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Search current and historic PEPPOL transactions through our PEPPOL Portal with detailed analytics and insights.

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PEPPOL Gateway

Enable complex validation checks for transactions with smart rules to minimise errors.

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Experienced Providers of PEPPOL e-Invoicing

Azets Document Solutions have a vast amount of experience in advising and implementing PEPPOL solutions for our clients and have been trusted by some of the UK's most highly regarded organisations to handle their documents and process their data.

We would be delighted to show you what we can offer your business, get in touch today to arrange a free demonstration. We are confident that with our 30 years of experience and market leading technology we can provide a service that will make a real difference to your business.


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