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    04 Jul 2022
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The Procurement Bill: what does it mean for charities?

Recently the government published the Procurement Bill. The bill aims to improve regulation of public procurement – the process central and local government go through to source and purchase goods, works or services.

Procurement is one part of a wider commissioning process that many charities engage with to deliver support to people across a range of areas from criminal justice to social care.  This is around £16 billion of government service delivered per annum by charities.

The NCVO have set out their work on the green paper and provided a response, noting the sections of the proposed bill they welcomed and the 6 key areas they want to influence.

If  you want to actively get involved then you can email the NCVO at policy@ncvo.org.uk  with your thoughts or if you’re interested in hearing more about their work on procurement.

The bill could have tangible implications for charities that currently deliver public services, as well as those that may wish to in the future.

Further information can be found at https://blogs.ncvo.org.uk/2022/06/09/procurement-bill-mean-for-charities/

If you require any additional information then please contact Simon Brown or your usual local contact.

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