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    27 Nov 2023
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M&A activity showing no signs of slowdown

Lee Humble, UK Head of Corporate Finance, comments on what the Azets Corporate Finance team are seeing in relation to the merger & acquisition (M&A) market:

“Our team continues to see high levels of activity across the UK, with our pipeline suggesting this will carry on well into 2024 at a minimum. While economic uncertainty has undoubtedly created some concern, our experience has shown that a large number of cash-rich buyers and funders remain keen for business, albeit their due diligence and selection processes have intensified. Businesses capable of demonstrating a clear level of underlying performance, with a story to match, are finding new partners at high frequency”


Azets maintains 5th most active advisor ranking

In Experian’s merger & acquisition (M&A) review for the third quarter of 2023, the Azets Corporate Finance team have maintained their ranking of 5th most active UK advisor. 

Jane Turner, Research Manager at Experian MarketIQ noted on the report: “The slowdown in UK and Irish M&A that took hold in the second half of 2022 has persisted deep into 2023, as companies adjust to headwinds driven by inflation and escalating interest rates inflate the cost of financing deals. However, a silver lining has emerged in the form of a resilient small deals market, and we’ve seen both corporate and private equity buyers still prove keen to deploy mounting cash reserves in this area.”

Lee comments: “The Azets team are delighted to be supporting a large number of business owners looking to either sell, buy or raise funds. Our increased coverage, provided via ongoing recruitment and significant investment, has provided us with a fantastic platform. I look forward to the period ahead and the continued growth of our UK-wide team.”

The full Experian report can be viewed here.


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