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    09 Sep 2021
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Fundraising in the new normal

The impact of COVID-19 on charity fundraising has been significant, with mass participation events, fundraising dinners and face-to-face fundraising becoming all but impossible through much of the pandemic. Private family trusts and foundations have also been under some strain, with volatile investment earnings reducing their capacity to support charities. It is essential for charities to grasp new opportunities and explore different ways of fundraising in the new normal.

Go digital

In our recent Digital in the Third Sector Guide, we explored digital strategies for fundraising. Whether this takes the form of a simple website upgrade enabling mobile donations, promoting digital fundraising platforms such as VirginMoneyGiving and JustGiving, or using social media to promote the charity’s activities and daily challenges, there are a wealth of options out there to provide maximum exposure with a national or even global reach.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have inbuilt analytics which can provide invaluable information on your audience enabling you to capitalise on their engagement. While a digital approach may not generate the same numbers of donors as face-to-face fundraising, it has been shown that supporters converted by this method often represent better retention value.

Download issue one of our 'Revive, Refocus, Rebuild – The journey back to better' guide here to find out more…

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