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    15 Oct 2021
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Better Fraud Management - The Fraud Threat

The threat of fraud to organisations, particularly in the charity sector, is a serious, real and ongoing risk. Fraudsters do not care who, what or where you are when attempting to defraud you.

The scale of fraud in the UK is unknown and very difficult to quantify, but what is accepted is that any attempts merely scratch the surface, and the true value of fraud is far more than detected.

The charity sector is inherently susceptible to fraud due to its operations, such as the use of cash/cheques (decreasingly common in non-charity organisations), ability for fraudsters to embed themselves in charities through volunteering, the ability to prey on individuals’ good nature and a lack of sophistication of controls, to name but a few.

Why a moral compass is so important?

The ‘Fraud Triangle’ framework is commonly used to explain the reason behind an individual’s decision to commit fraud.

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