Tax investigations

If HMRC notifies you about a tax enquiry or investigation, it is essential that you know your rights.

Our experts, several of whom have previously worked for HMRC, combine their knowledge of processes and procedures, tax legislation and your situation to protect your interests. Most of our clients have no experience of tax disputes, so our priority is to give you practical advice that helps you deal quickly and successfully with any eventuality, and to support you closely throughout the process.

Our experience encompasses investigations raised by specialist units of HMRC including the Fraud Investigation Service, dedicated industry teams and offshore avoidance groups. We also advise clients wishing to review their affairs proactively and better manage their tax risk before a problem occurs.

We offer help with all types of tax enquiries, including:

  • PAYE and VAT reviews
  • Tax investigations
  • Appeals, tribunals and litigation support
  • Voluntary disclosures

Tax investigations service 

With the number of tax investigations launched by HMRC increasing each year, and with any taxpayer or business at risk of a review, it makes sense to protect yourself now.

Our fee protection service has been designed to insure against the cost and worry of a future tax enquiry. A dispute can take months or even years to resolve, leading to spiralling costs. HMRC devotes almost one quarter of its £4 billion budget to enforcement and compliance, so to provide peace of mind to our clients we offer cover against any tax disputes and representation from our specialist tax team, who will deal with HMRC throughout on your behalf.

Our Tax Investigation Protection Service covers all of the following:

  • Full enquiries
  • Aspect enquiries
  • Business inspection notices
  • VAT
  • IR35 disputes

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