Applying for one of our early careers programmes?

The majority of our roles do not ask for any specific degree type or backgrounds, and no experience is necessary. You will see across our assessment processes, we focus predominantly on your ability to demonstrate an alignment with our values, and a passion for the role you’ve applied to. It's this combination that builds our amazing culture.


Want to know how to Ace your Azets Application?

Applying for a job can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t know what’s involved/what’s expected of you/how long it might take! 

Now you know what to expect, you’ll want to know how to excel! In this blog, you’ll find our top tips on each assessment stage. Check back each time you pass onto the next assessment stage, so you can be as prepared as possible!  

Online Test 

Top tip! 

  • Prepare yourself. Make sure you’re in a quiet space, with pen, paper and a calculator to hand. Once the timer starts, it cannot be stopped or paused, so you need to be ready to focus for 20-30 minutes. Speak to friends/family/housemates and ask them not to disturb you or cause any distractions.  

Screening Call 

Top tips! 

  • Do your research – Most companies want to hear what you know about them, their role, and any associated qualifications you may undertake. Find a news story or press release that interests you, this will show your research ability and help you stand out.
  • Answer the questions asked! – It sounds simple, but when I ask “Why do you want to work at Azets” and you tell me about your work experience, this isn’t demonstrating a good attention to detail. Keep it relevant and try not to go off track.  
  • Be specific. Some companies might ask you what you understand about the job you’ve applied for. “Working with clients” and “responding to queries” could apply to pretty much every job out there. Don’t just rely on the job description to explain the role to you, but do further research either by contacting current job holders on LinkedIn, checking out the company website, or using university resources.  


Preparing for an Interview & Presentation 

  • Familiarise yourself with the role you’ve applied to 
  • Revisit your motivations for the role and business. Research the associated professional qualification. 
  • Think about how you may balance working and studying full time 

Group Exercise (if applicable) 

Preparing for an Interview & Presentation 

  • Speak up – make sure you share your ideas and opinions in a polite and professional manner 
  • Work together – utilise your peers’ knowledge and ideas to deliver the best solution 
  • Check your understanding of the exercise and keep on task 
  • Don’t always settle for the first idea, it’s important to consider a range of ideas in order to choose the best one 

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