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From the impact of Brexit and COVID-19 to managing your day-to-day operations, the Azets experts in Customs & Excise Duties are here to help. 

For many businesses in the UK, there have been unprecedented changes and challenges to navigate in recent years. The business of moving goods across borders and around the world as part of your end-to-end supply chains has become far more complicated. We can help you to unravel, understand, interpret, and alleviate the influence and uncertainty around these changes, through efficient planning around cross-border movements and supply chains, as well as consideration of the associated import duties. 

We can support your business through periods of change and uncertainty

Whether you’re a business or an individual irrespective of the scale of your activity, if you import, export or are responsible for moving goods you will have potentially had to prepare for the fundamental changes which were implemented at the beginning of 2021 and those which are due to be introduced over the coming year and beyond.

The changes from HMRC have included the introduction of new legislation, new and often complex processes and requirements, now coupled with the withdrawal of some of the post-Brexit policy easements and concessions. Your strategic and administrative burden and obligations around customs and excise duties may be set to grow, and this is where we can help.

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Rely on experts to help you navigate the changes to UK customs and excise duty matters

Our specialist customs and excise duty team are ready and well placed to lighten the load and carry some of this burden for you. With years of experience crafting real-world, practical customs solutions for a range of clients across the UK, encompassing a wide spectrum of business sectors and products, we have the skill and expertise to help you prepare for and meet the challenges which lie ahead when importing and exporting. 

Rely on experts to help you navigate the changes to UK customs and excise duty matters   Image

In a period of potential further change and uncertainty, we’ll listen carefully to your needs and goals, then tailor our customs and excise duty advisory services so you can successfully navigate any future UK customs and excise challenges, facing them head on with a reinvigorated enthusiasm.

We can provide support and advice covering a range of customs and excise areas, these include: 

  • UK import and export procedures with European Union countries (EU) and the rest of world (RoW), your wider global trading partners.
  • Customs Special Procedures – such as Inward Processing, Outward Processing, Temporary Admission etc.
  • Customs Warehousing (often referred to as bonded warehousing) and Excise Warehousing  facilities.
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status – advising whether this regime offers a tangible benefit for your business and provide support to navigate the application process.
  • Guidance relating to the correct and appropriate classification of imported goods (including the origin and preference systems) and the correct customs valuation methods.
  • Advice relating to and excise duties for importers, local breweries, distillers, wine producers and wholesalers etc.
  • Assistance and support with Customs International Trade (CIT) verifications, customs and excise compliance visits and enquiries and financial assessments initiated by HMRC.
  • Guidance relating to the cross-border movement of goods and related import duty, import VAT, rules of origin, tariff preferences, the Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) and statutory implications.
  • Post-Brexit related advice focusing on the impact on your end-to-end supply chain, to support your business continuity and contingency planning.
  • Supply chain re-modelling and restructuring in response to a change in the customs landscape, business diversification or expansion.
  • Bespoke customs duty training and upskilling sessions.
  • A customs ‘health check’ assessment to review and assure any in-house customs procedures connected with your business supply chain activity.
  • Support to understand the implications of other Trade Agreements negotiated by the UK within the context of your end-to-end supply chains.
  • Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) – the impact from a customs import and manufacturing perspective within the context of your end-to-end supply chains.

Please contact us for further information and to explore how our team of expert advisers can provide valuable assistance.

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