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    06 Aug 2020
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Charity Digital Code of Practice

As the world develops it is important that governance keeps the pace to protect Charities and their beneficiaries. As the use and scope of digital has grown so has the need for a consistent framework for the sector to work towards. The Charity Digital Code of Practice has been developed by a steering group of organisations from across the sector and has been designed to help charities tap into the potential offered by digital to increase impact, efficiency, and sustainability.

The code notes that digital moves fast and is constantly evolving, and those organisations that use digital successfully constantly test, learn from, and improve their strategies, tactics and technologies.

The code has been set up as a practical tool to identify what charities are doing well in digital and identify any gaps they need to address. It is envisaged that the code will be used as part of how charities benchmark their digital progress and to inform key decisions in this area.

The code is broken down into seven key principles. Click here to find out more

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