Document Solutions

Let our experts assist you to in making your business processes more efficient through a fully digital document solution. Azets has years of experience doing this for a wide variety of organizations and businesses in the UK and the Nordics. We are able to help you through every step of the process: From planning procedures and choosing technology to scanning the assets you would like to make available digitally.


  • Save time - Automate processes like procurement, invoice and communication.
  • Accessibility - Make all resources available from any place digitally.
  • Experience - Experts in the field with a wide range of solutions tailored to fit your needs.

Making the Switch to Digital

The Azets document solutions team understand that you need to implement systems which work with your existing business model and workflows to route and process business critical documents quickly and efficiently. Streamlining manual operations, improving accuracy and reducing costs.

That’s why our services look different for every client. We work hard to understand exactly how your business operates and what you want to achieve. Then we use our skills and experience to design a package that delivers you the best possible performance benefits with the least possible disruption.

Making the Switch to Digital Image

Empower your Business

Take control of your business and gain the visibility you need to make better decisions. Whatever your size or sector, our smart, efficient document solutions will free you up to focus on your business. Our personal, straightforward approach will keep you feeling informed and supported every step of the way.


Empower your Business Image

How has Azets assisted companies in digitising?

Digital automation speeds up the work cycle and eliminates manual handling for the most time-consuming of tasks. Paper forms and invoices are processed automatically with OCR technology instead of being manually keyed in.

  • Our high-quality data capture and Intelligent processing technology provides exceptionally accurate results and greatly reduces errors
  • Workflow automation can alert and flag and exceptions to the right people.
  • Data can be accessed at any time, from any device both online and offline.
  • Being able to access your data digitally leads to better control of financial processes and greater transparency in your supplier’s behaviour.
  • Improved compliance and customer service

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