Banking and finance services

Whether you’re taking the next step in your growth journey, investing in new products, services or tech, boosting your cash flow or simply want to review your existing borrowing arrangements, there are lots of ways to source funds.

But evaluating the multitude of different funding sources, rates and deals now available in the marketplace can be a bewildering and time-consuming task. So, if you want to ensure you get the best deal from your bank, or the best return on your investments, it might be time for some expert advice.

Our banking and finance team have many years’ experience helping businesses who need to raise finance navigate the complex banking and finance market. Whatever your size or sector, whatever the scope of your fundraising, we tailor our support to find the very best solutions for you.

Specialist banking and finance services

Our expert banking and finance teams can also help you explore refinancing your existing borrowings to obtain more favourable terms on:

Finance and banking consultancy

When you’re dealing with financial experts, it can help to have a few on your side.

Our team have spent many years in the banking and finance industry - which can prove invaluable and reassuring both to our clients, and the banks, funders and individuals they deal with. We can help on the structure, pricing and appropriateness of funding options, including security and covenants, and we are always happy to join in meetings between clients and their funders.

Quote Icon Having a dynamic team of individuals working collaboratively towards a shared vision is what really excites me about our business and what we can achieve.

Paul Clifford, Regional CEO at Azets


We don’t offer investment advice, but we can help you make the most of what you have,

Through our third-party provider, we can help you to obtain the best returns on any surplus cash you have in the bank. We identify which deposit-taking institutions pay the most competitive credit interest rates to meet your liquidity needs, whilst also ensuring the safety of the underlying deposit, to make sure your money is working as hard as possible.

Tax funding

Setting aside funds to pay your tax never seems a priority… until the bill lands.

Businesses of all sizes can have issues when it comes to paying their Corporation Tax or VAT if they haven’t allocated funds in advance. That’s why we’ve created a funding service which allows you to cover the cost of your taxes for up to 12 months ahead. Our hassle-free Tax Funding Plans allow you to spread tax liability, preserve cash flow, prevent late payment charges from the HMRC, and ensure peace of mind. They’re available for self-assessment, too.

Benefits include:

  • Control of cashflow
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Flexible re-payment terms
  • Free up cash to invest in other areas of your business
  • No need to speak to your bank
  • Quick and simple to arrange

Other business finance services

  • Business plans: We can assist with the production of business plans and forecasts to support funding requests.
  • Grants: we can undertake an initial search into what grant funding might be available for your business project and can assist with the grant application itself.
  • Foreign Exchange: we have relationships with third party foreign exchange firms that typically provide more competitive rates than the traditional high street banks. The results can be significant.

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