Indirect tax specialists

Our indirect tax specialists have a long-standing reputation of helping clients to meet their compliance responsibilities, develop effective and efficient procedures  and manage and proactively address emerging risks.

From individuals to entrepreneurs, family businesses to corporate entities, multinational organisations to not-for-profits, we support clients of all sizes and tailor our services to each one’s needs. We know tax can be confusing and complex, so we always offer clear, practical advice which is focused on helping you achieve your goals. No jargon, no assumptions, no waste.

Whether we’re providing adhoc advice, performing reviews or health checks, assisting with compliance matters or preparing and implementing a risk management plan, we always look to identify  savings and efficiencies. We can challenge decisions and negotiate with tax authorities on your behalf.  We will always ensure you’re fully informed of the changes that affect your specific industry and business

VAT services

Our VAT specialists have years of experience helping clients to stay compliant, plan effectively and proactively address the risks they may face. We make it our business to understand the VAT challenges and opportunities faced by every client and the sector they operate in. 

We can assist clients who operate in the UK and work with those that are expanding locally, nationally and internationally to address their UK, EU and worldwide VAT needs.

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Our VAT services include:

  • Confirming and implementing best practice UK registration (and deregistration) arrangements.
  • Registering for VAT in other EC countries
  • Confirming and implementing best practice VAT systems and procedures
  • Confirming and making options to tax over property
  • Assistance with and review of monthly, quarterly and annual returns
  • Confirming the liability of activities, income and expenditure
  • Reducing the cost of irrecoverable VAT on general and capital expenditure
  • Negotiating improved partial exemption and non-business calculations
  • Clarifying points of law
  • Providing updates on new rules legislation and tribunal rulings
  • Advising on restructuring and reorganisations
  • Transactional and supply chain due diligence
  • Assisting with VAT inspections and investigations
  • Assistance and representation in communications with HMRC  and at ADR and Tribunal hearings
  • Staff training and advice helplines.

Our VAT & indirect tax services

Our specialists can support you with every aspect of your business. Whatever your size or industry, our local teams across the UK and Europe are ready with practical, personal advice.

Customs and Excise Duties

From Brexit to COVID-19, the business of moving goods across the world is facing unprecedented challenges and changes which may affect global supply chains. We can help you to understand and alleviate the impact and uncertainty around these changes though efficient planning around cross-border movements and supply chains, the associated tax and connected import duties.

In a time of uncertainty, we’ll listen carefully to your needs and goals, then tailor our customs and excise duty advisory services so you can successfully navigate the complex legislation and procedures you face.

Customs and Excise Duties
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We advise on a range of customs and excise areas including:

  • Import and export procedures with the European Union (EU) and the rest of the world (RoW)
  • Customs Special Procedures – such as the Inward Processing, Outward Processing regimes
  • Customs Warehousing (often referred to as bonded warehousing) and Temporary Admission facilities
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status – advising whether this regime offers a tangible benefit for your business
  • Guidance concerning the correct classification of goods (including the origin and preference systems) and the correct customs valuation methods
  • Advice relating to excise duties for importers, local breweries, distillers and wholesalers
  • Assisting with Customs International Trade (CIT) enquiries, customs and excise compliance visits and enquiries initiated by HM Revenue & Customs
  • Guidance relating to the cross-border movement of goods and any related import duty, rules of origin, tariff preferences and statutory implications
  • Brexit-related advice focusing on the potential impact on your end-to-end supply chain, to support your business continuity and contingency planning
  • Supply chain re-modelling and restructuring in response to a change in the customs landscape, business diversification or expansion
  • Bespoke customs duty training sessions

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