Payroll Services

Through our specialist payroll services, we can take care of the payroll processing requirements and the associated compliance steps.

We understand how important efficient and effective payroll solutions are to every employer. Our specialist payroll services include:

  • End to end processing of your company’s payroll
  • Your own dedicated account manager who understands you and your business’ needs and to be your payroll contact for all queries
  • Paying employees accurately and on time through our robust, compliant, and secure BACS approved bureau service
  • Set up, administration and ongoing support with your pension auto-enrolment scheme
  • Provision of payroll software and a portal for the exchange of payroll data, supply of comprehensive reports and ePayslips and eP60s for employees. We understand data security is key for businesses, which is why our portal has high-level security for data entry and transfer.

We also offer a range of other payroll related services and specialisms to help fully support you and your business, including:

  • Construction Industry Scheme administration
  • Employment tax and employee benefit advice
  • Payroll advisory and payroll consultancy 

As well as offering UK payroll services, we also work with overseas clients with a UK entity or branch.

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Payroll Outsourcing Services

Our specialist payroll team offer cost-effective, efficient, and fully managed payroll services to customers across the UK. Headed up by award-winning payroll leader Stephen Abbotts, our dedicated team of payroll experts operate through regional centres of excellence, offering an accurate and compliant service, enhanced further by the varied range of expertise from our colleagues across the wider Azets group. 

Read more about our payroll outsourcing services, or get in touch today to discuss your payroll requirements.

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Why outsource your Payroll?

Running payroll is one of the most crucial elements of running a business, but it can also be one of the trickiest. Outsourcing your payroll will save you time and money whilst giving you peace of mind that you are fully safe and compliant. Processing payroll in-house can be a costly, time consuming and onerous task. Azets' payroll outsourcing services utilise the latest in cloud-based technology, saving you precious time which can be better focused elsewhere within your business.

Adjacent to the time you’ll be saving, will be those aligned to your current costs - should you be processing your payroll in-house. We are confident you’ll find these savings through existing salary costs, software and training, really hitting home the advantages of outsourcing.

Our pricing structure is simple, transparent and highly competitive. We do not charge any additional fees for new Starters, Leavers or report production. All our fees are outlined in the initial quote so you can rest assured there will be no unwanted surprises! 


Switching to Azets

Whether your payroll is already outsourced or currently processed in-house, switching your payroll to Azets is swift and seamless, and our team will manage the whole process, including liaising with your previous provider to obtain your payroll data.

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Direct line to your own personal payroll contact

No call centres!

We cater for all types of business

No matter your size or industry sector

Data capture and processing

Our approach keeps things simple and secure

Cloud delivery

For all employee payslips and P60s

Stay compliant, stay safe

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in spring of 2018 brought about yet more legislative headaches for employers and in particular in relation to their payroll data. Our payroll services for the UK relieve you of that burden and you can be sure that your business and employee data is safe with us. 

The unprecedented events of 2020 tested business’ contingency and disaster recovery plans more so than ever before. We are proud of our own robust and comprehensive processes and policies demonstrating our resilience and ability to adapt to unforeseen events.

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Payroll Outsourcing Services for Multi-National Businesses

In addition to offering payroll outsourcing to UK businesses, we are also able to deliver payroll services internationally. With 900 global payroll specialists and over 26,000 global payroll customers, we have a breadth of knowledge, experience and skill-set throughout our European Azets offices and international partners.

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HR Administration

This additional offering, which is integrated into our payroll processing software, is available through our partnership with IRIS and their Staffology HR platform. Our HR administration service aims to give you that time back, with software to support every stage of the employee journey.

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