Automated Supplier Statement Reconciliation

This cloud-based Statement Matching platform automates the reconciliation process enabling you to pay suppliers on time and significantly reduce supplier queries.

Supplier statement reconciliation is an essential task, enabling Accounts Payable to check payments have been received and matched correctly. Automating this task can save time whilst also reducing the risk of human error.  

By automating statement reconciliation financial reports are more accurate, helping to highlight potential issues quicker, such as missing invoices, errors, duplicates and any discrepancies, enabling them to be quickly resolved. In turn, this improves payment on time, reduces supplier queries and ensures ledgers are accurate for financial reporting.

Automated Reconciliation

Invoice data is automatically reconciled daily and any exceptions are highlighted

Improve Supplier Relationships

Share reports with suppliers or give them self-service access via the portal

Managing Exceptions

Quickly identify missing invoices/credits, miss-postings or data discrepancies

Improve Controls & Profits

Reconcile higher volumes of statements, resolve errors quicker and reduce queries

Coud-based solution

As a cloud-based solution securely hosted on Microsoft Azure you are able to share reports with suppliers to request missing invoices/credits and provide status for each document with due dates, paid dates and payment references. Thereby reducing supplier queries and improving relationships.

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