Invoice Processing Solutions

Take control of Accounts Payable. Automate data entry, reduce cost, improve cash flow

Invoice processing solutions

A lot of organisations still receive paper invoices. This task is time consuming and unproductive for skilled accounts payable staff. Azets Document Solutions combines intelligent capture and workflow automation with seamless integration to your existing financial systems to automate invoice processing, increase productivity and lower costs.

Benefits of Automated Invoice processing

  • Accuracy - Remove human error and eliminate the need to rekey information.
  • Accessibility - Access invoices from anywhere to accelerate approvals.
  • Speed & Efficiency - Reduce delays and eliminate process bottlenecks.
  • Customer Service - Get important information to your clients much faster.
  • Audit & Compliance - Data is compliant to meet company legislation as standard.

Regardless of format, the platform captures invoices electronically and delivers them to the appropriate people. The paperless process of an invoice processing system minimises the number of touches per transaction, eliminates the need to re-key information and automatically routes paperwork between departments.

Data errors and exceptions such as missing information and PO mismatches are immediately identified and routed to reviewers for quick resolution and managers can view real-time reporting dashboards that increase visibility into invoice volumes, status and process bottlenecks.

How it Works

  • PDF Invoices  Your PDF received invoices are automatically forwarded to our intelligent capture service.
  • Paper Invoices  Your suppliers send paper invoices directly to your PO Box at Azets Document Solutions.
  • Invoices Scanned  Invoices received by post are promptly scanned.
  • Invoices identified  Key values are extracted.
  • Validation  Quality control and invoice exceptions are extracted.
  • Export clean data  The clean data is exported directly to your accounts system.
  • Invoice exceptions  Any exceptions are placed in work queues for resolution.
  • Audit & Compliance  Data is compliant to meet company legislation as standard.

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