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Darren is an accomplished Senior Partner from South Africa with over three decades of big four financial services industry experience and a track record of driving optimal standards of quality and efficiency via motivational leadership, astute strategic development and robust operational management. Darren brings proven skills in audit management, bid leadership, project management, client relationship management and leading the delivery of impactful advisory services as well as being adept in empowering board-level decision makers via insightful analysis and clear and accurate reporting.

Darren's experience is in the Banking and Asset Management industries specifically. During his career he has been the appointed audit signing partner on 3 of the 6 D-SIBS banks in South Africa and the lead advisory partner on 2 others. At a strategic level, he was the Africa Financial Services Industry Leader for his previous firm.

Darren also has some European experience having been seconded to the Luxembourg office of his previous firm for 2 years.

Darren is the newly appointed Financial Services Leader at Azets Ireland, responsible for the strategy of the firm’s FS industry; growing the revenue to new heights, ensuring FSI maintains a balanced client portfolio across audit and advisory, building new alliances and building a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals to service the Irish Market.

Darren is a dedicated, adaptable and proactive leader with a rigorous, analytical and results-driven approach. Renowned for rapidly delivering pragmatic solutions to complex challenges and establishing harmonious, enduring and productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders.