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    05 Nov 2020
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Strategy and Vision: The digital map and destination

Some organisations claim to be technology driven, but charities must be driven by delivering public benefit in accordance with their charitable objects – and therefore the destination of whatever ‘digital’ might mean, must be nothing more and nothing less than those delivering those charitable objects. However, the power of ‘digital’, when harnessed correctly, cannot only drive forward that public benefit but take it to another dimension. 

I have recently re-opened a map of my local area and discovered and explored all sorts of pathways within walking distance of my house. So, as you consider what your digital map might look like, here are a few lessons from a map…  

To find out more, download issue two of our 'Digital in the Third Sector' guide here.  

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If you have any queries regarding what we cover in our guide, please get in touch with your usual contact or email charities@azets.co.uk. 

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