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    17 Oct 2023
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Podcast | Are Apprenticeships the Answer?

Welcome to season 2 of our Bang the Drum podcast.

In this episode, our speakers discuss the benefits to SME businesses and young people in embarking on an apprenticeship. We ask when is the right time to introduce an apprenticeship scheme and consider how to hire and keep the best young talent.

Joining the Azets panel and podcast host Emma Sheppard is the Rt Hon Robert Halfon - Minister of State for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education. 


Our speakers

Podcast host Emma Shepard is joined by, Victoria Wainwright, Azets Office Managing Partner at Bradford Azets, David Whitson-Black, Azets Head of Global Talent and Performance and The Rt Hon Robert Halfon, Minister of State for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education.

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