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    05 Oct 2020
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Leadership and the digital trustee

If digital is going to be fundamental to the future of the third sector, then digital leadership will be essential for your organisation. Does that mean everyone needs to rush out and find themselves a digital trustee? Maybe you do need one but, where are you on your digital journey? What skills do you already have on board within the organisation? What are your goals? These questions will determine whether it is a trustee you want or if there is another way you can implement digital leadership. 

It’s important to remember that even if a digital trustee is recruited then it is not for them to “own” digital for the charity but to champion it, with everyone else continuing to share responsibilities just like the Treasurer does for finance. The ideal is a digitally literate board which considers the impact of digital in all aspects of its discussions, strategic plans, and day-to-day operations. 

In order to decide what we need; it is worth asking ourselves some questions 

Find out more and download issue two of our 'Digital in the Third Sector' guide here.  

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If you have any queries regarding what we cover in our guide, please get in touch with your usual contact or email charities@azets.co.uk. 

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