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    01 Oct 2020
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Digital in the Third Sector: Issue Two

As we journey through 2020, we are constantly reminded of how essential the digital world has become in our everyday life. It allows us to stay connected but also for many of us to keep working without leaving the house and all of us to keep moving forward regardless of thglobal challenges we face. As our reliance increases, the importance of digital leadership and the role a Trustee can play needs to be examined. That one Trustee or team of Trustees can lead and develop, champion, and cheerlead the board and SMT through developing and implementing a complete digital strategy. 

One of the key factors may be visibility of your charity on social media, to spread your word or communicate your impact. This quarters’ guide looks at the benefits of Twitter and provides 10 handy tips for creating successful content to ensure you don’t waste valuable time and maximise your impact. Finding the time to juggle creating and posting content for social media can often be difficult to fit into the day job, but there are also apps that can help you plan and schedule, to make the most of content and schedule it for the maximum impact. 

All of this requires a strategy; our strategy article uses comparisons to a road map to help you navigate creating and innovating your digital strategy. Finally, it is important to consider the risks associated with any plan, a digital risk assessment is crucial to any plan to ensure your organisation is adequately protected from the numerous risks and ethical issues that a digital world can bring. 

At the end of the guide we have included a handy checklist to help you evaluate your progress and implement small achievable steps to help you manage your digital journey. 


Would you like to know more? 

If you have any queries regarding what we cover in our guideplease get in touch with your usual contact or email charities@azets.co.uk. 

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