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    08 Feb 2022
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Control the controllable

In 2020 and 2021, the third sector had to deal with the uncertainties of Brexit and an unprecedented global pandemic that changed the way we work, live, and socialise.

These two events tested continuity plans, as well as our resolve and resilience. But what about governance and risk? Have new ways of working changed the risk landscape? How did your organisation cope? Did you innovate and seek opportunities? And how have you dealt with and controlled the risk of these new initiatives and ways of working?

As we move forward the only certainty, we currently have is that life continues to change. In this insight we will focus on how you can “control the controllable” and use risk analysis and governance to deal with uncertainty.

New Experiences

Looking back from March 2020 to 2021 we have seen many new things we had not seen before. We had lockdowns, shops closed, staff isolated, customers isolated, no footfall, the tills stopped ringing and consumer behaviours changed, with people switching to online shopping.

This all led to Furlough being introduced, with 80% of wages being covered by the Government and not all employers chose to top wages up to 100%. This led to a reduction in income and discretionary spend.

Donations to charity shops diminished and many organisations experienced supply chain disruption. Staff began to work from home (WFH), which highlighted a number of factors:

  • IT infrastructure issues
  • Ability to WFH
  • Continuity was tested
  • Big issues of welfare and isolationism
  • Lack of home offices so people working in spare bedrooms, and kitchen tables
  • Lack of social activity options
  • Lack of travel – unspent income being spent in new ways on new items we didn’t know we needed or wanted
  • New priorities for charitable giving – public sympathy moving from cause to cause with a sway to NHS based charities

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