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    01 Jul 2022
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Charities encouraged to have their say on changes to the Annual Return

Charity Commission launches consultation on the information it will require from charities from 2023.

The Charity Commission has launched a formal consultation on proposed changes to the Annual Return, designed to ensure the regulator is collecting the right information in the years ahead.

The Annual Return is an online form that all charities with yearly incomes of £10,000 or more must complete within 10 months of the end of their financial reporting period.

The return has not changed significantly since 2018, but after a comprehensive review, the Commission is proposing to update the question set which charities will need to complete from 2023 onwards.

Amongst the planned changes are questions designed to;

  • Better capture and understand charities’ reliance on certain types of income, and on single sources of funding;
  • Gain more information on roles and responsibilities, governance, controls and different organisational structures in charities;
  • Help create a more accurate picture of the geographical areas in which charities operate in England and Wales; and
  • Better capture staffing numbers and payroll costs in the sector

Further information can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charities-encouraged-to-have-their-say-on-changes-to-the-annual-return

If you require any additional information then please contact Simon Brown or your usual local contact.

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