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    14 Oct 2020
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Azets teams up with SIA Group - Unique Business Solutions Offer to Support Farming Businesses

Azets, one of the UK’s fastest growing accountancy and business advisory firms, is pleased to announce it has teamed up with SIA Group (SIA) to provide a tailored agricultural scheme to support the survival and future prosperity of farming businesses during this challenging time.  

The offer brings Azets’ financial and accounting experience in agriculture, together with SIA’s understanding of assets solutions and funding. Under the offer, Azets and SIA will provide a comprehensive review of individual businesses, offering a tailored solution to support the business through the current challenging environment and setting it on a path to future growth.

As well as advice and insight, the offer provides bespoke solutions to meet the needs of individual farmers and their business. This includes restructuring valuations and advice, maximising asset realisation, including crops and livestock, and other valuations, including machines, property and land, and advice on grants and agricultural tax breaks.  The package also aims to provide ‘wellbeing’ support to the farming community.  

Commenting, John White, Director at Azets, said:

“This is a unique offer. It provides farmers with a tangible solution to the issues so many of them face currently. It is based on combining financial experience and sector understanding that has been built across the Azets business over many years, with the asset and lending expertise of a multi-award-winning asset funding and advisory business”.

“The farming community has been hit particularly hard by the current situation. They are a vital part of the UK economy and support to the country as it goes through this crisis. It is painful watching an established and core part of the community endure such difficult times and struggling to survive. The goal of this offer is to bring a package of measures together that takes this stress off the shoulders of farmers and gives them the support they need to survive and grow”.

“A deep understanding of the nature and impact of the stressors is vital in Agriculture.  The financial element we can deal with, but our links to other support networks can assist with mental issues that can be so debilitating”.

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