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    02 Mar 2022
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Azets strengthens real estate management services with acquisition of Astala Isännöinti

Astala Isännöinti will merge into Isännöinti Rantamäki

Azets, one of Europe’s largest regional accountancy and business advisory firms and leading accountancy and outsourced services provider and real estate management services in the Nordic countries, will acquire Astala Isännöinti Oy, which provides real estate management services in Helsinki, and Astala Tekniikka Oy, which is part of it.

Astala Isännöinti has been operating in Helsinki for 50 years. After the merger of Rantamäki and Astala Isännöinti, Azets' real estate management services will have over 70 expert employees and a turnover rising to 8 million euros.

To succeed in the real estate management business, a company has to be able to combine modern digital services and an excellent customer experience with responsibility and transparency. Astala and Rantamäki are known for their high-quality customer service, and Azets is a technological pioneer in its field in the Nordic countries. In this way, we will be able to develop the real estate management industry together to offer customers an even higher quality service,” says Ulla Nikkanen, MD of Azets Finland.

Rantamäki is focused on the management of high-value properties in Helsinki city center, and Astala is focused on properties located in Helsinki. Astala has been operating in Helsinki for 50 years.

The acquisition makes it possible to combine decades of experience and achieve an even stronger market position in Helsinki. The key employees of both companies will continue in positions in the company after the merger, ” Nikkanen continues.

Locality and community at the center of future real estate management services
A significant factor in the acquisition was the consistency of the companies' strategy and values ​​- reliability, responsibility and collaboration are the most important values ​​of both.

Rantamäki and Astala have been operating side by side for decades, offering real estate management services to properties located in Helsinki who appreciate the high-quality service. Our goal is to be the most attractive employer in the real estate management sector and a trendsetter showing how real estate management should be done and properties managed,” says Mika Laakkonen, MD of Rantamäki.

Both companies’ services include comprehensive real estate management services and technical services as well as extensive value-added services. Strong partnership thinking guides their way of working.

We want to offer the kind of real estate management we would like to have to ourselves and we manage the properties like they would be our own. Our exceptional operating model ensures the smooth running of real estate management and the development of first-class services and the value of the property, ” Laakkonen continues.

In addition to customer benefits, the acquisition will enable Astala to develop even stronger.

"As part of Azets, we have access to extensive resources to invest, among other things, in technological development, which ensures that our employees have excellent opportunities to succeed in their work and that our customers get the best possible service experience," says Mikko Astala, Chairman of the Board of Astala Isännöinti.

More information:

Ulla Nikkanen, Managing Director, Azets tel. +358 (0)40 522 9091

Mikko Astala, Chairman of the Board, Astala Isännöinti Oy tel. +358 (0)400 506 920


About Azets
Azets is the largest and most technologically advanced provider of human resources, payroll and financial management services and technology solutions in the Nordic countries. Azets combines data, technology and expertise into a whole that creates value for its customers. Azets Finland's customers are served by 700 experts and the turnover is EUR 66.3 million. www.azets.fi

About Rantamäki
Isännöinti Rantamäki was founded in 2000. The company specializes in the real estate management of valuable properties in the heart of Helsinki. Our services cover all real estate management services provided by our own experts. The exceptional operating model ensures the smooth management of real estate and the development of the properties’ value. As our partner, you can rely on the smoothness of everyday life and ensure that the value of your property develops in the direction you want. We want to offer the kind of real estate management service we would like to have ourselves. We work with passion, uncompromisingly and in accordance with the goals set together with the customer. Rantamäki's customers are served by 30 experts and the turnover is EUR 3.2 million. www.rantamaki.com

About Astala Isännöinti
Astala Isännöinti Oy is a Helsinki-based real estate management company founded in 1971. Our service is based on customer orientation. We want to provide solutions that lead to comfortable, safe and economical living. Astala's customers are served by 40 experts and the turnover is EUR 4.5 million. www.astala.fi

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