Contact details

Make sure you provide your name, telephone number and email address on the CV so you can be contacted easily.


Many people say two pages is the maximum for a CV however this is dependent on your experience and point in your career.  A single page can be sufficient for a trainee application.  Ensure the document is easy to read for your audience.  Use bullet points and avoid big paragraphs of text as these can easily be overlooked.


The CV reflects you and your experience to date so be honest and try not to over promise.  You will be expected to answer questions on your CV at interview so make sure you are truthful.

Facts & figures

Give names and dates for your work experience.  Give details about the qualifications and courses you have or relevant clients or industry experience that are relevant to the position you are applying for.  Give details of quantifiable achievements and tangible statements such as recoverability and client management.

Keep it relevant

Always make sure that your CV is tailored to the role you are applying for.  It is not the best first impression to say you are looking for a job in Engineering if you are applying for an Accountancy position!

Spell checking

With spell check widely available, spelling and grammar mistakes do not reflect well, especially if you are applying for a role that requires attention to detail.  Take the time to re-read and review your CV and double-check for errors or typing mistakes.

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