We understand that this may be one of the first jobs you’ll be applying for, and that can be a very nerve-wracking experience! We’ve collated a list of mostly frequently asked questions.




Unfortunately, Azets do not currently hold a Tier 2 Sponsorship licence. This means we won't be able to legally sponsor anyone after their PSWV expires. Therefore, we are unable to consider applicants that hold this type of visa.

Yes absolutely. We do not have a set time frame post-graduation, so you can apply to us in your final year of university, or 20 years after you have graduated.

No, we encourage students from all walks of life. Some of our trainees have studied music, optometry, geography and languages. All you need is a passion for a career in your chosen field.

Of course, we are happy to consider any extenuating circumstances when considering your application. Just ensure you complete the relevant section on your application form. This will then be reviewed by a recruiter, who may call you for further information. A decision will be made on a case-by-case basis as to whether to allow you to continue with your application.

We have a section dedicated to this on our application form. Please be reassured that disclosing any personal information will not impact your likelihood of success in any way. This information will only be used to make reasonable adjustments, such as extra time for assessments. Please fill in the form honestly and provide us with details of adjustments that have been helpful to you previously.

The difference is the type of person we are looking for. A school or college leaver is someone who does not hold an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. There is no age limit on who constitutes as a school leaver, you just cannot have a degree. We often hire school leavers who are seeking a career change, 10+ years after leaving school.

A graduate job requires you to have at least an undergraduate degree, either BSc or BA. Please note, we do not accept “equivalents” to degrees. Most of our positions require you to have achieved a 2:1 in your undergraduate degree.

Rules and process of applying

Check out our Recruitment process page here for a full break down of what to expect as well as some top tips for success!

You can apply to Azets once per Campus Calendar year. This runs from 1st September to the 31st August. For example, if you apply on the 27th September 2021, you can reapply on the 1st September 2022.

No, we ask that you pick your preferred position and apply to only this one. If you apply to multiple vacancies, your application may be rejected.

Our roles that are operated on a rolling recruitment basis will fill as a candidate successfully completes all stages of the assessments. If this happens, we are happy to move your application to another suitable role. You will be informed if this happens and directed to our website to confirm the role you’d like to transfer to.

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