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Debbie joined the firm in 2006 as a newly qualified ACA auditor from a small independent practice, and now has almost 20 years’ experience advising a wide variety of clients. Debbie was promoted to a partner position at the firm in 2022.

Debbie looks after a diverse portfolio of external audit and non-audit clients, and also seeks to address issues with a pragmatic and friendly approach.

Debbie’s main focus is the not for profit and charity sector and she delivers audit and independent examiner services to a wade range of clients – large charitable groups and small unincorporated entities. Additionally, Debbie provides audit services to the education sector - incorporating both independent schools and academies and is very passionate about this sector.

Debbie’s portfolio also includes international groups as well as smaller UK based limited companies, in sectors such as professional services, property investment and development companies and retail. As well as audit compliance services, Debbie seeks to provide her clients with added value in other areas such as VAT, Employment Taxes and HR by working collaboratively with specialists within Azets.
Additionally, Debbie also undertakes Solicitor Accounts’ Rules audits for her Professional Services clients.

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