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I’ve always had a huge personal drive around change and challenging myself and others to create improvement in themselves, the companies they work for and especially for clients. 

I was fortunate to join Azets 12 months ago. They are an international Accounting and Business Services group focused on supporting SMEs. I work with a fantastic bright and client committed group of Marketeers, Partners and their teams at a time when the industry is going through really exciting changes. I'm really looking forward to taking the brand to the next level and help it embrace digital changes to drive an even stronger business advisory partner approach to helping clients grow.

I like to look at the big picture to see what is driving a particular sector or what is challenging senior leaders deliver against seemingly impossible issues, and to translate these issues into marketing messages to demonstrate the value that Azets can bring. I'm also lucky to be the mum to three amazing kids and love learning from them, everything from Social Media through to Rugby formations and tactics which I'm getting the hang of slowly! 

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