• Date

    19 Nov 2020
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    Tax, VAT & Indirect Tax

Webinar | UK and Ireland trade corridor - post-Brexit

With the initial Brexit exit date now passed and the transition period nearly completed, the UK will cease to be a part of the Single Market and EU Customs Union on the 31 December 2020. This presents challenges for certain businesses operating across European borders. These challenges also encompass both goods and services with a nexus which features the Island of Ireland.

We will be hosting a joint webinar with fellow Allinial Member firm, Eisner Amper, who are based in the Republic of Ireland. The webinar will focus specifically on the UK and Ireland trade corridor. The session will be of particular interest to businesses which currently operate between the UK and Ireland, those businesses considering extending their supply chains to include Ireland. Additionally, any businesses which may be considering an Irish ‘footprint’ as a path to or from the European Union and Great Britain mainland.

During the session we will explore some of the key questions which businesses are currently asking us, which include:

  • Why Ireland? – does having a business ‘footprint’ in Ireland provide any benefits for moving either goods and/or services into other markets?
  • What are the options? – the type of companies, the potential tax structures and the associated jurisdiction requirements.
  • VAT – what should businesses consider?

Please ensure that you register your interest early as we have limited numbers of seats available.

If you have any questions regarding the webinar topic, have a question for our panel or would like to arrange a call with a member of the team, please email webinars@azets.co.uk

Webinar details

Thursday 19 November 2020

Format and timings
12:30pm Start
13:30pm Finish
(There will be a Q&A session)

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