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    12 Nov 2020
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    Employer Solutions, Tax
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Webinar | The future of flexible working for employers

The current health crisis has forced many businesses to change the way in which they operate. Restrictions on opening and changing travel patterns have impacted on the “usual” means by which businesses have traded.

This upcoming webinar, co-hosted by Dave Hedges, Head of Employment Tax at Azets and Duncan Wise, Business Development Director at Greenwell Gleeson, will look at the ways in which businesses have adapted and focus on the effect the COVID-19 crisis has had on their workforce.

We are now seeing employees working from home for extended periods, traveling less, and we will consider the associated tax and employment law issues. We will discuss the longer term impact for employers of the changing work environment – will we all revert to the old way of working or has the current crisis initiated a more permanent shift in working arrangements?

From an employment tax perspective we will consider the impact of the change in the workplace. Key areas of discussion will include employee travel, company car policy, the location of the employee workplace - is this now home and if so what is the tax impact of this?

Please ensure that you register your interest early as we have limited numbers of seats available.

If you have any questions regarding the webinar topic or would like to discuss any employment tax related issues, please email webinars@azets.co.uk

Webinar details

Thursday 12 November 2020

Format and timings
12:00pm Start
13:00pm Finish
(There will be a Q&A session)

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