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In the modern digital age, customer loyalty is more critical than ever and a call 24 years ago from Russell Smart when he was looking for someone to 'do his accounts' sparked a respected working relationship spanning decades.

Fast forward to 2022 and the collaborative bond between Azets and Rasanco continues to thrive – with Rasanco now boasting a £9 million turnover.

Based in Hampshire, Rasanco works with bulk organic ingredients, and supports both clients and suppliers with their supply chains. As Russell, Rasanco's Founder and Commercial Director expands, “We supply organic ingredients to food manufacturers, basically. We do quite a lot with organic baby food. If someone's making a baby food pouch, for example, they buy the apple puree, in bulk tanks. We supply the bulk 200 kilo drums. A lot of that is produced on the continent, so we bring it into the UK and distribute it here”.

When Russell was starting out, though, he had no idea where the venture would lead. But he did know he needed someone to offer some support and that’s where Azets come in.

“In 1998 we started Rasanco, and it was just me trading some products! I needed some accounting, so I looked up some local accountants and their name popped up at the very start. I met a fellow called Bruce Elkins, who  agreed to take us on and we've been with them ever since!”

And as the relationship between Rasanco and Azets flourished, so did the size of Russell’s business.

Quote Icon Azets have always been very good to us, they've always been helpful and loyal. As our business developed, they expanded their services as we expanded our business. We bought a couple of businesses which became 3V Natural Foods - there was a brand called Meridian, which made peanut butter and a brand called Rocks, which was a soft drinks brand. And that took off in a very short period of time. Azets came with us. They ran our payroll, and we outsourced various things, and they've been very supportive.

Russell Smart, Founder and Commercial Director, Rasanco

Russell’s dynamic business was supported by Azets invaluable input when needed, and, as is often the way after the organic growth of a business, Russell decided to sell 3V Natural Foods. Despite the changing face of the business, we carried on working with Rasanco to manage their payroll, auditing and tax planning, providing much needed continuity.

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