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The Centre for Political and Diplomatic Studies (CPDS) was created in 1993 to enable professionals in international relations to perform at the highest level.

CPDS is a small enterprise with big expertise at the heart of its mission, and like so many other organisations around the world their business suffered the loss of sharing experience and engagement face to face throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. CPDS wanted to continue its mission even in the face of collapse due to loss of revenue and so turned to the expert team at Azets to see what could be salvaged. 

When our issues were raised to Azets, the team moved quickly to provide advice in relation to the solvency of the company, and the options it had when faced with a time of vast uncertainty. The advice at that time was that with careful consideration of costs, and bookkeeping being brought completely up to date, the company could successfully emerge from the pandemic.

Azets also helped to free the business from it’s contract with a debt collection agency to large sums of fees being deducted from each invoice. 


Quote Icon Thank you to the Azets team for supporting our growth, guiding us through the rough ride during 2020, and continuing to be here with us for a more prosperous sustainable CPDS future.

Dr. John Hemery OBE, Founder and Chairman - CPDS

Thanks to Azets the positive impact on CPDS business began to emerge in 2021.   

There is a stronger management team, working closely together on the day-to-day business of CPDS. Invoices are paid on time, debt has been minimised and given due attention to being managed, and revenue earnings showed growth across the last two quarters of 2021.   

We have seen cost savings on travel and expenses which will continue throughout 2022, and improved efficiencies on budget management and operational performance. Working with AZETS has provided CPDS with confidence in the accountability of the company, and the planning of new governance structures to provide a strategic focus for CPDS’s future.

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